wealthtech.careers is a new recruitment platform for Europe’s emerging wealthtech and fintech industries. Our website provides career opportunities from sectors like financial planning, portfolio management and reporting, portfolio risk management, alternative investment fund platforms, RIA custodians, online client engagement, data aggregation, B2B robots, alternative investment solutions, or B2B digital retirement solutions.

Besides leading wealthtech and fintech companies, we specifically assist start-ups and small/middle-sized companies looking for qualified digital workforce talent. Our growing network of partners includes many top-ranking universities, topical networks, and professional associations, as well as industry influencers and thought leaders.

wealthtech.careers is part of the beta|careers network of sustainability job boards that include agtech.careers, digitalhealth.careers, the German language recruitment platform digitalhealthjobs.de, edtech.careers, regtech.careers, smartcity.careers, and spacetech.careers.

We help companies recruit their digital workforce for the industries most relevant in a world with 11 billion people by the end of the century.

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